On working at C.C.S. in the early 70s.

Our major work projects concerned the Island Records subsidiary label Trojan.  Sca and Bluebeat had made inroads into the charts earlier, but Reggae suddenly had an enormous following.  At the height of the Reggae boom we produced three album covers a week – there was so much work, a special photo-shoot was organised in Jamaica.  This was a wonderful, colourful time; our studios had an ever growing Reggae Hall of Fame, with finished album covers along the walls as you entered the premises.  The mix of sounds throughout the studio was an experience in itself

From "Watching Paint Dry"

A major pieces of work while working at CSS Advertising Associates was the cover design for the Emerson Lake and Palmer album Tarkus.

Following Tarkus I left CCS to work exclusively for Emerson Lake and Palmer.  I produced visual ideas for the band's promotion including originating and painting their classic album Pictures at an Exhibition.
This album gave me the confidence that I could work on my own.
My subsequent meeting and working with the renowned enamellist and sculpter Stefan Knapp encouraged my belief that I could have a voice in the visual arts.


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