Pictures at an Exhibition

Modest Mussorgsky’s 'Pictures at an exhibition' was a favourite of mine from early childhood. For some inexplicable reason, the strident opening chords, that lovely repetitive theme, along with the intriguing story between artist and musician held my attention. To this very day it still does.

Although I haven’t included this event as my first solo exhibition. In every respect it certainly turned out to be exactly that. The 7 large oil paintings that became the inner spread of this gatefold were hung in ‘private’ at the Hammersmith town hall. Interestingly, only the photographer Keith Morris and his assistant Nigel Marlow, actually saw this exhibition, yet it was soon to reach an international audience virtually overnight.

It’s not only become an important part of the progressive rock era, plus a visual landmark in rock, it's on record as having played a significant part in turning many rock fans on to classical music.